Advanced Planning and Scheduling

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling is the technology of scheduling manufacturing operations so as to recognize both finite capacity in the factory, as well as material planning requirements of the firm.  

Advanced Scheduling will recognize realistic definitions of capacity.  Advanced Scheduling  also implies the accurate modeling of production operations, including constraints of multiple-resources like tooling and specialized labor.   It also supports optimization of bottleneck work centers by sequencing operations, in order to maximize efficiency, by minimizing the number of setup changeovers. 

Advanced Planning recognizes material constraints which include on-hand inventories, pending deliveries, and the process of material allocation.   Advanced Planning will recognize material allocations suggested by ERP, or will dynamically manage allocations of material according to user-defined scheduling rules.  

The concept of simultaneous recognition of both capacity and material constraints is a significant advance in the classical MRP/ERP manufacturing planning cycle.   Advanced Planning and Scheduling can also suggest the most effective ways to relax constraints on capacity as well as materials.  These suggestions include overtime, adding stations, expediting deliveries, and re-sequencing operations.  Where capacity is most critical, inventory of short lead-time materials can be optimized by synchronizing deliveries to the finite scheduling of shop capacity, when the shop actually needs materials. 

We can also define Advanced Planning and Scheduling, in the broader sense as "Precision Scheduling".  

This is focus of JobTime Systems, Inc. (JSI), is now in it's 18th year of supplying Advanced Scheduling software solutions to manufacturing clients. JobTime has analyzed and improved production scheduling at over 1000 sites world wide.  JobTime's Advanced Scheduling software emphasizes detailed, realistic finite capacity scheduling, with synchronized material planning. JSI offers training, service and support functions which are equally important to successful synchronized materials planning and scheduling  

Our motto at JobTime Systems, Inc. is: 

"excellence in precision finite scheduling". 

 JobTime's Advanced Planning and Scheduling software can support  manufacturing environments that emphasize make-to-order (MTO), engineer-to-order (ETO), and assemble-to-order (ATO).   JobTime gives you a "best of breed" focused finite scheduling system.  It can tell you exactly when to require delivery of materials, even in support of Just-in-time deliveries direct to the shop floor.  JobTime helps order-based job-shops achieve Just in Time performance by scheduling synchronized overlapping operations, which in turn compress our order cycle time and accelerate shop flow. 

The emphasis of  Precision  Finite Scheduling,  is the accurate modeling of shop constraints.  We combine this capability with Advanced Scheduling, Just-in-Time orientation, and Capacity Requirements Planning.  

JSI offers a full range of services including analysis, modeling, training, integration, customization and support.  

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